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    A Larger Waist Size Does Not Always Mean A Larger Chance of Sleep Apnea


    If you’re overweight, you’re generally more prone to suffering from certain health conditions, right? Various past studies have proven that those who are overweight are more likely to suffer from stroke, hypertension, heart disease, and even diabetes. While these studies may hold some validity, a recent study has shown contrary evidence; that there is no concrete link between being overweight and having a higher chance of suffering from heart disease. The study shows that, when looking at a patient’s cardiovascular risk, weight is not the most meaningful factor to consider.

    While this study has definitely provided results that go against the grain, health professionals and patients should remember that maintaining a healthy body weight is important for your overall health. Even though the study has proven that weight may not be the most important factor to look at, it doesn’t mean that one’s weight does not play a role in overall cardiovascular health. Of course, other factors do play a role as well.

    Patients should also know that being overweight does not indicate with absolute certainty that one will suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). While those who are overweight may be more likely to suffer from OSA due to excess fat storage in the neck and throat area, not everyone who is overweight will suffer from OSA, and not every sleep apnea sufferer is overweight or unhealthy. In fact, even some of today’s top athletes can suffer from the sleep disorder. Shaquille O’Neal was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea after undergoing a sleep study. Yes, even those who run up and down the court for hours at a time can have a sleep disorder! No matter if you’re extremely healthy or if your health is lacking, anyone can suffer from sleep apnea.

    The symptoms of sleep apnea are common and include constant snoring, restlessness, and the feeling of drowsiness that seems to last all day. If you suffer from any of these conditions on a routine basis, you may have sleep apnea, despite being in perfect health. For diagnosis, you’ll need a sleep study, either at a sleep lab or with a take-home ambulatory polysomnography unit. Once you are diagnosed by a physician, you can then move on to seeking proper sleep apnea treatment. Dr. Lowrance is well-versed in treating a variety of patients who have sleep apnea. From those who are overweight to patients who are in optimal health, Dr. Lowrance is able to find the right sleep apnea treatment method for his patients. Contact us today to schedule an appointment time.