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    Snoring San Antonio

    To many people snoring is nothing to worry about because everyone else seems to snore, right? The fact is that snoring is not a normal condition, especially if it is continuous. Snoring due to congestion or an upper respiratory infection is common and usually temporary. However, those people who snore on a nightly-basis with no end in sight should seek help from a dentist such as Dr. Lowrance who has experience in treating snoring.

    While snoring may be funny and is often the basis of many jokes and nicknames, it isn’t fun for those who are affected by the snorer’s snoring and it’s not laughable when snoring is a symptom of a very serious condition such as sleep apnea.

    Why Do People Snore?

    The sound is snoring is caused when the airway is partially blocked or collapse during sleep. Because we naturally breathe in and out while we sleep, when our airway is narrowed, the air vibrates against the soft throat tissues, such as the adenoids, uvula, tonsils, soft palate, and excess fat. The vibration is what causes snorers to be so noisy.

    When it comes to snoring it’s important to pinpoint exactly what is causing the narrowing of the airway. For some drinking too closely to bed time may be the culprit. For others enlarge adenoids and tonsils may be to blame. Obesity and poor sleeping posture can also contribute to a snoring problem. Even the common cold can cause you to snore. In more serious cases snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea rather than being the main condition at hand. The important part is consulting with Dr. Lowrance if your snoring turns into a more permanent problem.

    Try at-home and OTC remedies for snoring to see if they provide any relief to you. If they do not work then Dr. Lowrance is your next answer for proper snoring treatment. He will be able to talk with you about your snoring, refer you for proper diagnosis, and figure out the best treatment for you. Contact our office today so that you can sleep more quietly and more restful at night.