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    Sleep Apnea and Sleep Walking – Is There A Connection?


    Sleep apnea can cause a plethora of symptoms, some that may be painful while others are mere annoyances. From morning headaches to sleepiness, daytime drowsiness, a lack of concentration and constant snoring, sleep apnea symptoms cover a wide spectrum of problems. Since sleep apnea is known to cause all sorts of symptoms, it remains as one of the most common conditions that goes undiagnosed and therefore untreated. Sleep apnea may even cause problems such as depression and anxiety. Another condition that may be linked to sleep apnea is somnambulism. Also known as sleep walking, studies have found that sleep apnea could cause somnambulism.

    How can sleep apnea cause one to sleep walk? Sleep apneics suffer from nightly pauses in breathing that can occur hundreds of times, lasting for 10-60 seconds, if not longer. While these pauses may not seem like much, when they occur hundreds of times on-end, the amount of time your body is starved of oxygen really begins to add up. Not only is the body lacking a proper amount of oxygen, the brain’s normal sleeping pattern is also interrupted. The constant interruptions to the body’s sleeping pattern may cause the brain to send off certain signals that can cause sleep walking.

    Studies have shown that sleep walking, as with most sleep disorders, is caused by some sort of interruption and miscommunication within the brain. Because sleep apnea can and does cause interruption to a normally functioning brain, it is safe to say that the condition may be the root cause of other conditions, including sleep walking.

    If you suffer from sleep walking, your condition may be caused by sleep apnea. With proper diagnosis from a sleep physician, you will be able to finally know what is causing you to sleep walk. If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, the next step is sleep apnea treatment. Dr. Lowrance can provide you with proven sleep apnea treatment that will allow you to sleep safely and soundly at night as you will continue to breathe normally while you sleep. When you are breathing properly throughout the night, you may see a reduction or complete elimination of somnambulism. Contact our San Antonio office today if you are seeking sleep apnea treatment that works.