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    How Sleep Apnea Devices Differ

    Available in San Antonio, Texas

    There is a wide variety of sleep apnea dental appliances available to patients with all sorts of dental needs. However patients will find that about only half a dozen or so of them are more widely used when compared to others but no two sleep apnea appliances are the same. When looking for a sleep apnea dentist, it’s important that the dentist is knowledgeable in using and prescribing many different sleep apnea appliances because some are better suited to different patients. Someone with a gag reflex may be contraindicated for a sleep apnea appliance, but they can be conditioned to wear one.

    There isn’t one sleep apnea appliance that will work for each and every patient, so variety is a must have. Dr. Lowrance can offer you treatment using the following appliances:

    SomnoMed – The SomnoMed is highly suitable to patients that have a large arch to their jaw and who clench their teeth. The SomnoMed holds up well and is very under the pressure of a clenching jaw. Other sleep apnea dental appliances are not are durable and are not meant to withstand such pressure.

    TAP 3 – TAP 3 is one of the smaller appliances available today. It is said to be much more durable than EMA and Silent Nite. It also provides more room for the tongue and is made to be adjustable by the dentist at the chair to fit the appliance to the teeth properly.

    TAP-PAP The TAP-PAP is the only oral appliance available to combines use of CPAP technology and oral appliance therapy into one single device. The appliance uses a pressure hose, just like one from the CPAP machine, but there is no need to wear the CPAP mask. The TAP-PAP uses a mouthpiece that provides a continuous focused flow of oxygen.

    EMA – The EMA is a highly useful to treat snoring and for people who are borderline sleep apneics. It is not suitable for those with serious sleep apnea problems.

    Silent Nite – Silent Nite is very similar to the EMA and is used solely as a snoring prevention device.

    TRD – Tongue Retentive Device – Very useful for patients who have a TMJ problem and opening the jaw wide and moving it forward would be problematic, this appliance works by manipulating the tongue instead. Though effective for treatment, Dr. Lowrance has found that not all patients adapt well to this appliance.

    Are you looking for a sleep apnea appliance that will allow you to breathe and sleep better at night? If so Dr. Lowrance is just the person you need. As a neuromuscular dentist he will be able to use neuromuscular techniques to properly treat your sleep apnea. Contact us today for an appointment time.