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    We are located in a 4 story building located at the corner of Medical Dr. and Babcock Rd. You can enter from Medical Dr. or Babcock Rd. Take the elevator in the lobby, to 4th floor, and turn right. We are in the same offices as Dr. Ana Maldonado and Dr. Robert Busby.

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    Sleep Apnea Appliances in San Antonio

    Today companies all over the world have come up with variations of what we known as oral sleep apnea appliances. The most well known sleep apnea treatment method is the CPAP machine and while CPAP is generally the go-to method for treatment, there are some patients who simply do not fare well using it. The CPAP machine, despite its proven technology, is often uncomfortable for patients either due to the sounds the machine makes or the mask that much be worn. For those patients who are not comfortable using the CPAP, there are alternatives that can be used. These alternatives, better known as oral sleep appliances, work great for most patients and are extremely effective in treating sleep apnea. Certain sleep apnea devices can also be used to treat snoring.

    In the case of those appliances meant to treat snoring as well as sleep apnea, you may come across them online at a pretty cheap price. While companies do sell their snoring appliances to patients directly, often times these appliances are cheaply made and are not effective in treating sleep apnea as well. The problem with these appliances is their design. They are not personalized to your specific needs so there is no way to ensure that the device will help you achieve a neuromuscular balance. Patients with sleep apnea who use these devices are only wasting valuable money and time as these appliances will not fix a sleep apnea problem. It’s important to rule out sleep apnea before using an anti-snoring device. This way the cause of snoring isn’t left untreated.

    Reliable Sleep Apnea Devices

    All of the devices used by Dr. Lowrance are customizable and are made to be fitted for your specific needs. Each device will keep your airway open by keeping your jaw in an optimal position to allow for an opened jaw and a tongue that is pulled forward. You will find that these devices can be used to treat snoring and will rid of many if not all sleep apnea symptoms.

    Before you are given a specific sleep apnea appliance Dr. Lowrance will examine you and discuss your wants and needs. It may be helpful to learn about the many different sleep apnea devices that are used today and the differences between them.

    To talk about sleep apnea devices and to work towards finding an appliance that is best for you be sure to contact our office today. Don’t let your sleep apnea go untreated for any longer. If you’re looking for an alternative treatment to the CPAP machine, Dr. Lowrance can help. Just contact us to schedule a consultation.