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    Don H. Lowrance, DDS
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    Oral Appliance Therapy Bolstered – SomnoMed Receives Pride Institute’s 2011 “Best of Class” Technology Award


    SomnoDent sleep apnea applianceCommonly, when you think of sleep apnea you probably think about an unsafe condition that causes one to stop breathing at night that is treated with the use of a CPAP machine. While this thought is completely true and relevant, what a lot of society doesn’t know is that CPAP is not the only treatment available to people suffering from sleep apnea. Like most treatment types, when it comes to sleep apnea treatment, there is no one cure that fits every single sleep apneic. With this in mind, it’s important that alternative treatments are available for people with the condition.

    Though it isn’t the widely known treatment for sleep apnea, oral appliance therapy is a continuously growing and improving piece of the sleep apnea treatment puzzle. Oral appliances are a great alternative for patients who are CPAP-intolerant as well as for patients who, due to certain lifestyle factors, cannot use CPAP as required. Most recently, popular sleep apnea appliance company SomnoMed has been awarded the Pride Institute’s 2011 “Best of Class” Technology Award. This award further reinforces the efficacy and growing acceptance of oral appliance therapy as a highly dependable method for treating sleep apnea.

    Did CPAP prove to be less than perfect for you? Are you interested in learning about and trying another type of sleep apnea treatment that has proven to work just a well as CPAP technology for mild to moderate sleep apnea? If so come to Dr. Lowrance’s office to learn more about oral appliance therapy. Oral appliances are suitable for many different types of sleep apneics, especially those with CPAP intolerance. Click here to contact our San Antonio office to get started on a new treatment regimen.