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    Don H Lowrance, MS, DDS, PC
    5282 Medical Drive,
    Suite 430
    San Antonio, Texas 78229
    (210) 294-5111

    We are located in a 4 story building located at the corner of Medical Dr. and Babcock Rd. You can enter from Medical Dr. or Babcock Rd. Take the elevator in the lobby, to 4th floor, and turn right. We are in the same offices as Dr. Ana Maldonado and Dr. Robert Busby.

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  • Patient Forms

    Epworth Sleepiness Scale




    Sitting and reading


    Watching television


    Sitting, inactive, in a public place (theater, meeting)


    As a passenger in a car for an hour with no break


    Laying down to rest in the afternoon, if circumstances permit


    Sitting and talking to someone


    Sitting quietly after lunch without alcohol


    In a car while stopped for a few minutes in traffic


    Your score is

    If your score was 10 or higher, you may be having a serious problem with daytime sleepiness, which can be caused by sleep apnea. A score below 10 does not necessarily mean that you do not have a problem.

    Contact Dr. Lowrance’s San Antonio dental office right away to discuss your problems with daytime sleepiness.

    Take Another Sleep Test

    Berlin Sleep Questionnaire

    Print this page and bring it with you to your consultation.

    Download in PDF format.



    Sleep Apnea is a medical condition that must be diagnosed by a Sleep Physician with an overnight sleep study (PSG). Sleep Dentists work with the physician to manage the Sleep Apnea with appropriate oral appliances. Dentists cannot treat Sleep Apnea without a referral from a Sleep Physician.