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    New CPAP Mask Options – A Worthwhile Improvement?


    For years, CPAP has earned the title of being the gold standard treatment for helping sleep apnea patients. The treatment has proven to be effective in ensuring that sleep apneics are able to sleep safely at night without having interrupted sleep due to inconsistent breathing patterns. However, even though CPAP has earned the highest of all titles, it isn’t perfect and it doesn’t work for each and every sleep apneic. In fact, statistics show that less than half of the patients prescribed to use CPAP treatment can tolerate using it, which begs the question “What is wrong with CPAP?”While nothing is technically wrong with the technology, for many patients, the design of the CPAP system is just not ideal. Many who are prescribed to use the machine complain that the mask that must be worn is either too unnatural or doesn’t allow them to sleep normally. The mask is needed in order to deliver pressurized air into the nasal passages, but at the same time the mask can also cause facial irritation and discomfort.

    With these complaints in mind, a company that specializes in making CPAP nasal masks, has decided to offer patients the ability to have personalized masks made. The company, Acurest, offers a new option that allows each mask to be molded using the shape of a patient’s face. The hope is that the more personally shaped mask will mean that less CPAP users experience so much discomfort.

    While these masks may help some sleep apneics become more comfortable using CPAP, the fact is that these new masks won’t make the treatment flawless. Even with a better fitting mask, some patients will still be CPAP intolerant. Take for instance patients with claustrophobia or those patients who live in hot and humid climates year round; in these situations wearing a mask isn’t ideal no matter how perfectly it fits.

    At the same time, complaints regarding the CPAP mask are only one of the many issues that patients run into when using the technology. While the mask may be uncomfortable for some, the overall noisiness of the machine is an issue for other users as the machine and the hose attachment are known to make all sorts of noises that can interrupt sleep.

    If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and have found that the CPAP simply isn’t the best treatment for you, don’t worry any longer! With alternative treatments such as oral appliance therapy, there is still hope that your condition can be kept at bay. Are you CPAP intolerant? Don’t worry or neglect your treatment. Instead, contact Dr. Lowrance today to learn about the effectiveness of oral appliance therapy.