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    We are located in a 4 story building located at the corner of Medical Dr. and Babcock Rd. You can enter from Medical Dr. or Babcock Rd. Take the elevator in the lobby, to 4th floor, and turn right. We are in the same offices as Dr. Ana Maldonado and Dr. Robert Busby.

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    Don H. Lowrance, DDS
    4707 Everhart Road #101
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    Combination CPAP and Oral Device


    CPAP machines are the gold standard for treating sleep apnea. They have by far the greatest amount of research behind them. They do work well but they have several draw backs.

      1. They have to be cleaned daily. If you don’t clean and disinfect them, they promote lung and sinus infections.
      2. They tether you to a bed. You cannot get up and wander around at night without disconnecting yourself from the CPAP.
      3. They require you to sleep on your back. You have no choice in this.
      4. They forcefully push air into your throat past the apnea blockage.

    That last one may be the biggest drawback especially if the pressure is set very high on the CPAP. This is where wearing an oral appliance can help. With the benefit of an oral appliance, the pressure can be significantly lowered making the CPAP more comfortable and easier to wear.

    Dr Don H. Lowrance