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    Bad Sleep = 2 Years of Aging


    Two years off your life doesn’t seem like such a big deal now but at 65, you begin to think about those things. Every day counts.

    At the recent Alzheimer’s International Association Meeting in British Columbia, a series of reports and studies were presented that showed a high correlation between poor sleep quality, excessive daytime sleepiness, shift working and dementia or cognitive decline. They based this on the Nurse’s Health Study which involved 15,000 nurses.

    They reported that women who slept 5 hours and less or over 9 hours had and increased risk of dementia compared with women who slept 7 to 8 hours. The 9 hours or more of sleep and increased dementia could be related to poor sleep quality that kept people in bed longer as they tried to make up for the poor sleep patterns.

    Other studies have shown that Alzheimer’s patients improve in their cognitive performance and rate of decline if sleep issues such as sleep apnea are treated. Dementia is not only related to quality of sleep but oxygen too.

    These results were underscored by a French study that showed that people with excessive daytime sleepiness (tired all the time) are much more likely to have memory loss and increased risk of Alzheimer’s.

    Whether it is dementia, cognitive decline or Alzheimer’s, good breathing while sleeping is very important. It affects the quality of your sleep and long-term health.

    These things are easily treated with a dental oral devices that open the airway and complete a good flow of oxygen to the brain and other organs. In the near future, treatment and prevention of chronic diseases will be heavily connected to treating sleep problems.

    Dr Lowrance is a San Antonio Dentist who treats sleep apnea and sleep related issues in a collaboration with physicians and other sleep specialists. He can be reached at 361-851-8274 or at doctordlow@gmail.com.